Rooftop: Snowth

Snowth in My Muppet Show is a muppet that can be found through talent search or purchases. Muppets in the game can be obtained in one of two ways, one by using the talent search through Harv-E which will be explained below. The other way is a simple way of purchasing the muppet using diamonds.

AREA Rooftop
Muppet Snowth
This furry, pink creature is best known (now that we think of it, only known) for its part accompanying Mahna Mahna singing the “Mahna Mahna” song. They say you should stick to what you know… well, the Snowths have been “Doo-Doo-Doo”ing just that for years. My Muppets Show Rooftop Snowth
Price  120My Muppets Show Diamond
Level Requirement  9
Talent Search Time  03:59:59
Digitization Time  03:59:59
Dressing Rooms Required  2
Combination for Talent Search Animal + Floyd
Rarity Normal
Talent Search Information
Talent Searching is a difficult task. Even if you have the correct combination for finding a muppet, you will not always be able to get the muppet in the game.
 The odds of getting rare muppets are completely random and it may take you multiple attempts before being able to get this muppet into your game. It may even take longer for some players depending on their luck.
 Just keep in mind that the combination is correct and confirmed and that you will get the muppet in time.
Harv-E Harv-E is the robot that allows you to combine two talent to search for new talent in the game, which means getting new muppets. You can find Harv-E in the store purchase him then use two level 4+ muppets to combine for a new muppet.


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